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Why Visit Vivacious Visakhapatnam..

Visakhapatnam is known as ‘Goa of East Coast’ and ‘Jewel of east Coast’ and also as 'City of Destiny'.

With quaint hills on one side, and serene beaches on the other side, its a must visit city in India for its calming and relaxing aura.

Yet, Vizag tourism is not limited to beaches & hills, and is a must visit for any tourist from all over the world, due to its fascinating range of holiday spots and activities in the city and around it.

So here’s a list of all that you can visit and cherish in Visakhapatnam or Vizag local Sightseeing –

a. Wildlife & Nature –

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary.

Ever had a family gathering or a group picnic with friends, colleagues amidst nature? Or just want to have a quite walk in nature with alluring bird voices and greenery all around you?

Well Kambalakonda is the place where you can just pack up a few essentials and go for a nature walk, along with a pair of binoculars and picture perfect locations for your social media updates #kambalakonda

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park started in 1977 hosts wide range of fauna, is open since 17th November 2020 to visitors. They also provide various educational sessions on bird walks, butterfly walks, for which you need to keep an eye out, as they are limited series conducted on specific days.

On regular days be ready to visit almost 843 number of animals belonging to 123 species, in their most closest natural dwells. Do note that the Zoo is closed on Mondays! #vizag #zoo #visakhapatnam #wildlife #sanctuary #national #park

b. Spiritual Sites -

Vizag has a range of temples to explore from Sri Kanakamahalakshmi(SKML) temple in the heart of the city, to the famous temple dedicated to the fourth Avatar of Vishnu, Lord Narasimha known as Simhachalam temple, located in the western suburbs of the city!

Vizag also has many divine Buddhist sites such as Thotlakonda, Bavikonda, Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda!

There are many historical churches too that are in Vizag and Araku, such as Ross Hill Church and Sunkarimetta Church!

c. Beaches -

Obviously vizag is a beach City you may say..

However not just one, many serene beaches from RK beach aka Ramakrishna Beach, Rishikonda Beach, Sagarnagar Beach, Bheemili Beach or the serene Yarada Beach!

Take your pick!!

Did you know Rushikonda Beach in Vizag is one of the few in India to receive a coveted 'Blue Flag' by the government of India, to receive global recognition!

d. Museums -

Vizag is proud and honoured to be the sole host of a submarine museum in entire India! Why whole of Asia too..

There is also an Aircraft museum, Visakha Museum, a Tribal museum in Araku and if you are lucky , you can even catch a few old charm British bungalows hosting Art and other cultural exhibitions too!!

f. Araku Valley Tours -

Don't miss on visiting the untouched Araku Valley, while in Vizag. There are a number of great local spots to visit in Araku, including waterfalls and the world famous Borra Caves!

In Araku you have a range of tourist spots right from Tribal Museum, Coffee Museum, Coffee Plantations, View Points and many other points to which our team will take you safely.

g. Trekking & Camping - Coming Soon..

Contact the team of Liv Travel House, who will plan your holiday to Vizag local sightseeing, Araku, Lambasingi, Vanajangi, Paderu, Sileru Deomali, Duduma and other untouched picturesque locales of the Eastern Ghats.. #araku #lambasingi #vanajangi #deomali #duduma #borra #valley

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